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The proposals for a World Water Law and World Water Year 2021 are the first initiatives towards the global adoption and implementation of Codes for a Healthy Earth

"The water of life, the first medicine of the world, is so precious to every living thing that grows, breathes and lives. The water is the female blood of Mother Earth that brings life. A woman brings children in this world through water of the womb, she then cleans her children with water, cooks and feeds them with water. She plants and waters her gardens. The trees that grow and provide air need water. Water is life and as we say Mni Wiconi - Water of Life! We will continue to stand for the water so that we may live.


The World Water Law is a great way for all people to unite around our water and demand a binding international law protecting one of our Mother Earth’s prime resources."


— Ta Mak'a Wast'e Win, Her Good Earth Woman, LaDonna Brave Bull Allard 

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Towards Radical Whole-System Healing

The escalating social, health and environmental crises are a stark wake-up call for all of humanity to act on our shared needs and priorities: 

  • our personal health 

  • healthy, supportive and resilient families and local communities

  • local access to our basic necessities 

  • a healthy world for ourselves, our children, and for all of Life

The most efficient and holistic strategy for restoring both human and environmental health is to prioritize the healing of our planetary Waters — the foundation of health, and the source and sustenance of all Life on Earth. As humanity evolves to recognize the essential Rights of Nature, we are now called to stand for the Right of Water to be protected and restored to its original pristine nature.


Proposal for a World Water Law


We, citizens of Earth, call for and commit to working together to ensure that a binding international law is put in place for the immediate and universal protection of all Water, as the first vital step towards global cooperation for effective, worldwide social and ecological healing.


The World Water Law requires:


  1. the uncompromising protection and restoration of all natural Water sources, watersheds, aquifers, rivers, lakes, wetlands, estuaries and oceans

  2. the rewilding of ecosystems, necessary for the restoration of the planetary Water-cycle 

  3. the guaranteed, free access of all humans and animals to natural, uncontaminated Water

  4. all governments, corporations, communities, and individuals, are held fully accountable for their impact on all Waters everywhere


This one Law serves as a unifying foundation for all governments and citizens to work together with community-led wisdom and stewardship councils in ways that effectively serve the health and vitality of the whole.

This global initiative honors the many Water Guardians around the world who have dedicated their lives to the protection and reverence of Water on behalf of all of Life.