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A Vision for a Thriving Earth - Audio

The miracle of Creation is loved and celebrated by all. 
We have learned to live in a sacred way that reveres, protects and nourishes all Life.
In conscious co-creation with Nature, our entire biosphere thrives and diversity flourishes.
All pollution, toxicity and genetic tampering has been cleansed from the lands, waters, skies,
the animals, the plants, our foods, our bodies and our minds.
Lush forests, providing abundant food for all the Earth’s creatures cover much of the land.
Deserts have almost disappeared completely.
Most animal and insect populations are now restored to pre-colonial times. 
All rivers and streams are drinkable and run crystal clear, brimming with fish. 
The soil is rich, fertile and teeming with Life.
The air is pristine and fragrant from vast meadows of wild flowers.
The weather is rarely extreme and the seasonal cycles have returned to their natural balance.
Since the Great Unification, all artificial boundaries and borders have steadily faded away,
reflecting our One, immensely diverse and undivided, Human Family. 
All forms of violence, oppression, poverty, hunger, and divisions of colour, belief, gender and status,
have dissolved into memory. 
Through ancient and evolutionary therapies and healing practices we have healed from our personal and collective traumas and addictions and released them in sacred ceremonies around the world.
Coupled with the renaissance of natural medicines, vitalizing foods and a toxin-free environment,
our health flourishes and disease is rare and short-lived.
Our longevity has almost doubled as our vitality and expanding consciousness continue to invigorate each other. 
At the same time our population numbers are intentionally and naturally maintained
to ensure optimal harmony with all of Life.
We have humbled ourselves to the infinite ways of communing with the Divine Essence of Existence.
We honor the many paths and practices that support each of our unique journeys
into an evermore embodied experience and expression of Love.
We have learned to communicate deeply with animals, trees, elementals
and many more visible and invisible manifestations of Creation.
All children are safe from human harm and supported in their fullest blossoming. 
All elders are cherished as active wisdom keepers in every community.
Rites of passage, from conscious conception to natural birthing to adolescence
to lifetime celebrations and conscious dying, are held in sacred ritual as couples, families and communities.​​​​
From childhood, every human being is supported to discover and manifest their unique passions, purpose and potential.
As a synergistic society, we are naturally guided through our ever-changing roles within the whole,
contributing to the flourishing of all Life with ever-evolving ease and grace.
Most people have chosen to live in clusters of nearby villages that are thoughtfully
integrated into the natural environment.
The remaining cities, unrecognizable from what they once were, are filled with bicycle paths and walkways meandering through fruit and flowering trees and shrubs, interweaving neighbourhoods, community gardens, parks, swimming ponds and lakes and a myriad of communal spaces for socializing and fun-filled activities.​​​​​​​
As bioregions of mutually-nourishing networks of communities, villages and cities, we self-organize to ensure
everyone's core needs are met in harmony with the whole.
Our social systems function as living systems, ensuring the most vitalizing flow of energy and information
throughout society and the biosphere.​​​​​​​
Money and the accumulation of material possessions have become meaningless
in a culture of caring, sharing and responsible abundance.
Learning, recreation and work have become inseparable; with ample time for relaxation, 
play, celebration, and building meaningful relationships with the entire Community of Life.
We playfully perfect the art of elegant simplicity, producing and consuming
only that which is essential for our fullest thriving.
All our clothing, cosmetics, cleaning products and material goods are entirely natural and biodegradable.
Technology and manufacturing responsibly provides for all our communications, travel, tools,
physical comforts and conveniences in non-invasive ways that are aligned with our natural states of being.
Arts and culture flourish to unfathomable realms of awe-inspiring creativity. 
Ancient and traditional arts and artisanship are revived and blended with evolving innovation, aspirations and needs.
Local, bioregional and inter-bioregional festivals on the Solstices and Equinoxes are particular highlights of the year.
They are filled with music, dance, theatre, story-telling, laughter, joy, connection, sharing
and meaningful exchanges, from seeds and crafts to skills and solutions to spontaneous delights of all kinds.
Here and Now, Peace, Unity and Love reign supreme and the miracle of Creation is celebrated by All. 


And so our children's children and countless generations to come will grow and live happy and free
in a vibrant, natural, harmonious, abundant and kind world. And as they grow they will begin to comprehend
the profound significance of our astonishing global unification and collaboration to rise together,
as One Humanity, for the healing and thriving of all Life.
And so it is.

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