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Beginnings of a Water Resource Library


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Water isn't just for drinking and washing.
Water has its own Spirit.
Water is alive. Water has memory.
Water knows how you treat it. Water knows you.
You should get to know Water too.


— Wabinoquay Otsoquaykwhan, Anishinaabe Nation

This Water Resource Kit offers a free and accessible portal into the unfathomable world of Water for all levels of interest and knowledge. The kit provides links of videos , articles, websites, organizations, courses, etc. to some of the most inspiring, educational, engaging and practical information about Water and Water Stewardship. 

The information shared in this Resource Kit offers a distilled “tip of the iceberg” of Water knowledge and wisdom. You will soon be able to explore the World Water Community Resource Library for many more resources that are shared, discussed and curated by the community.

If you wish to propose and/or help curate other resources – or if you wish to propose resources in your own language – please join the Water Resource Kit group on the World Water Community.

As with most global challenges, the solutions to solve the Water crises already exist. What is lacking is the political and economic will to implement them. With healthy Water being the unequivocal foundation for human and environmental health, what is needed now are coordinated global education campaigns to help citizens of all cultures work together to implement the best solutions according to local needs, conditions and resources. 

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water 4 SEPERATOR.png

Scroll down to watch some of the most popular and inspiring videos about Water

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Indigenous Wisdom

How to tap into the magic and mystery of Water. A powerful story from Pat McCabe, a Diné and Lakota activist.

Water & Consciousness

Dr. Marasru Emoto became interested in the life energy in Water and began to investigate the crystallization patterns within it from pure and polluted sources. 

The Fourth Phase of Water

Does Water have a fourth phase, beyond solid, liquid and vapor? University of Washington Bioengineering Professor Gerald Pollack answers this question and intrigues us to consider the implications of this finding.  (24 mins)

Water-Retention Landscapes

See the effects of a watershed-scale groundwater restoration project that has dramatically improved the lives, economy, ecology and stability of this village, all in 45 days! Watch series

Water-Friendly Agriculture

Ernst Götsch is a leading pioneer in the fields of large-scale regenerative agroforestry.

Water & Animals

When wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in the United States after being absent nearly 70 years, the most remarkable "trophic cascade" occurred.

Water Harvesting

Anupam Mishra talks about the amazing feats of engineering built centuries ago by the people of India's Golden Desert to harvest water.

Rights of Water

Dr. Kelsey Leonard of the Shinnecock nation, shows why granting lakes and rivers legal "personhood" is the first step to protecting our bodies of water and fundamentally transforming how we value this vital resource.

Water Memory

Nobel prize winner, Prof. Luc Montagnier, shows how Water has the ability to reproduce the properties of any substance it once contained. (52 mins)

The Water Paradigm

Charles Eisenstein shares about his discovery that many of the things that are blamed on global warming are actually, to a large extent, caused by disruptions in the hydrological cycle.

Water To Every Home

Marla Smith-Nilson from Water1st International shows how can we discern which organizations and solutions are most effective in ensuring access to Water.

The Story of Water

The Story of Water exposes the dangers of water privatization and highlights innovative solutions that cities are adopting that keep water management in public hands.

A Creative Water Solution

Artist LaToya Ruby Frazier spent five months living in Flint, Michigan, documenting the creative lengths she went to in order to bring free, clean water to the people of Flint.

Access Infinite Energy Through Water

Dr. Zach Bush speaks about hydration as our energy source, as the ultimate solvent for toxins, the medium for all protein-folding, and the holder of our memory,

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