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“Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.”

— Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Codes for a Healthy Earth offers a foundational framework that can be used in different ways to inspire and support learning and action for whole-system healing and transformation. The potential of the Codes to impact how we move forward as a species, lies in our capacity to align, collaborate and self-organize creatively and effectively, locally and globally.  

All who endorse the Codes have made a "pledge to self-organize for immediate and resilient global action", and to become an active co-creator in supporting their global adoption and implementation. The first and most important way to support the Codes is to let people know they exist. Below you will find more suggestions for how to engage. 


Organizational partners are finding creative ways to support Codes for a Healthy Earth through translation, technical support, media programs, advocacy, integration of the Codes into their organizational values and strategy, learning programs, artistic offerings, and more.

The first global initiatives of Codes for a Healthy Earth are the proposal for a World Water Law, World Water Year 2021 and the Global Alliance for a World Water Law. Codes for a Healthy Earth has partnered with the World Water Community that offers a private and secure online platform for us to connect and organize. The platform provides a variety of tools for groups to form, collaborate, share knowledge and more.

If you would like to stay informed about the ongoing evolution of related initiatives please be sure to endorse the Codes and sign up for the newsletters.

Immediate Ways to Support Codes for a Healthy Earth:

  1. Endorse the Codes

  2. Print a hard copy of the Codes to read out loud occasionally and share with friends and family.

  3. Share the website with your networks and spread the word.

  4. Join the Global Alliance for a World Water Law

  5. Join the World Water Community as our networking and collaboration platform to support the global adoption and implementation of the World Water Law.

  6. Follow the evolution of the Codes and supporting initiatives on the website, through the newsletter, and on social media. 

  7. Initiate a creative group within your existing circles and organizations to explore ways of supporting the adoption and implementation of the Codes and share these with the global community.

  8. If you are connected to influential people or groups aligned with the Codes, invite them to consider endorsing the Codes and sharing them with their networks and communities.

  9. Let the Codes ignite your heart and passion! Let's get creative, take initiative and inspire each other into a new global reality!

Additional Ideas for Bringing the Codes to Life

Codes for a Healthy Earth provide a variety of tools and pathways through which we can engage on the personal, local, regional, national and global levels towards whole-system health and vitality. Codes for a Healthy Earth can serve, for instance, as:


  • A common ground for uniting collectives, networks and movements from different sectors.

  • Principles, purpose, a vision and a strategy for citizen-led self-organization for whole-system healing and transformation.

  • Guidelines for opening a global conversation around how to best organize and collaborate across cultures for whole-system health and healing.

  • A foundation for developing educational programs and/or integrating them into existing ones.

  • Practices for evolving a compassionate and responsible lifestyle that is aligned with the good of the whole.

  • A constitution or mandate for regenerative communities, organizations and businesses. 

  • A platform for political leaders aligned with the good of the whole.

  • A political platform with which citizens can lobby leaders and parties to adopt and potentially co-create new transnational and trans-political parties that work to ensure the adoption of the Codes by governments worldwide.

  • Guidelines for decision-making, conflict transformation and leadership.

  • ​A framework for sectors and field-leaders to align their roles with the global good.

  • Creative inspiration for artistic awareness-raising. 

  • A collective language for whole-system health and healing pathways that can enrich and transform our current cultural narratives and public discourse.  

  • An invitation to discover many other potentials inherent in the Codes and engage with them in innovative ways.


If you have any ideas to add to this list and/or if you have or would like to integrate the Codes into your community or initiative, please feel welcome to contact us


Please note that for now we are still a very small team, so we kindly request your patience with communications. We are very grateful to all who are offering to help in various ways, and we are working to create effective channels for all to be able to share their gifts in support of the fullest manifestation of the Codes.

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