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The I Speak for Water campaign is an initiative to support the global adoption and implementation of the World Water Law. The idea is to gather stories, messages and reports from around the world about local Watersheds, Waterways and Water bodies. People or all ages and cultures are invited to share videos, images, maps, websites, documents… basically anything that conveys the history, the folklore, the challenges, the solutions, the actions, and the health status of and for the Waters in your area.


With these offerings we will co-create an evolving global map of all the world's Waters, with a library of resources and information that is locally generated and globally accessible to learn from and be inspired by.


This campaign also offers a space to share our personal insights and messages from, for, and about Water. As we learn to honor and cultivate right relationship with Water, and to share these messages worldwide, we will surely find countless wisdoms and lessons from Water that will help us to restore right relationship with All of Life.





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