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An Evolving Solutions Guide for Ensuring
the 7 Core Needs of all Humans and Animals Are Met

Food Security is Soil Security. Chemical agriculture treats soil as inert and an empty container for chemical fertilisers. The new paradigm recognizes the soil as living, in which billions of soil organisms create soil fertility. Their well being is vital to human well being. Looked at from this point of view, the immediate aim of fertilization is not to increase yields and fertilize plants, but to build up soil fertility.


— Vandana Shiva


This evolving Resource Guide builds on the Solutions Guide by focussing specifically on inspiring resources, initiatives and topics that are related to the 2nd Primary Task of Eco-Governance, which is to ensure the 7 Core Needs of all Humans and Animals are met in the shortest possible time through guaranteed access to:

  • Living Soil

  • Healthy Water

  • Vitalizing Food

  • Fresh Clean Air

  • Physical and Emotional Safety

  • Comfortable Shelter

  • The conditions and resources needed for all to realize their unique potential – in mutual enrichment with their communities and ecosystems.

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 Explore All Core Needs

Overview of Contents with Links to Each Section

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Challenges to SOIL

Current Threats

The 10 main threats to soil functions:

  1. Loss of soil biodiversity 

  2. Soil contamination / pollution

  3. Soil erosion

  4. Soil organic carbon loss

  5. Nutrient imbalance

  6. Soil acidification

  7. Waterlogging

  8. Soil compaction

  9. Soil sealing

  10. Salinization 

Primary Causes

  • Industrial Agriculture

  • Animal Factory Farming

  • Deforestation

  • Mining

  • Urban sprawl / human settlement

  • Desertification

  • Widespread lack of education and understanding about the importance of soil health.

Whole-System Solutions ~ LIVING SOIL

See also the Solutions Guide for additional resources 

What Can I / We Do - Now?


"Composting garden and kitchen waste is a great way of helping the environment with the added benefit of producing a free soil conditioner for your garden. So, instead of filling your dustbin with rotting food and garden waste, which can produce unpleasant odours, why not put it to good use. The compost you produce can then be mixed with your soil to provide nutrient-rich food product for your garden." — Less Waste: Home Composting

Compost Simply with Morag Gamble from Our Permaculture Life. Watch her amazing series HERE

Instructional Video On How To Build The Composting Bioreactor.  Read and download the written manual on building the bioreactor HERE.

Community Compost Program with Rob Greenfield Watch his amazing series HERE

Food Not Lawns (oldie-but-goodie) with Heather Jo Flores. Growing SOIL and FOOD together. Check out the movement HERE

Documentaries, Short Films & Talks

LIVING SOIL Full Documentary (60 mins).
Watch trailer HERE.

THE NEED TO GROW | Trailer. Register to watch full documentary (96 mins) HERE.

Life in Syntropy | Syntropic Agriculture ~ Short film (14 mins)

Ecosystem Restoration Camps (4 mins)

Trailer for Kiss the Ground.
Watch full documentary (84 mins) HERE.

Incredible 1.5-Acre Permaculture / Syntropic Food Forest (24 mins) | Happen Films

Natural Farming With Masanobu Fukuoka: Minimal Effort And Abundant Yields  (60 mins)

How to Accelerate Soil & Ecosystem Restoration | John D. Liu & Dr. Elaine Ingham (126 mins)

Summits and Conferences

The Soil Regen Summits offer an extraordinary variety of talks and panel discussions by world leaders in the field of soil regeneration – all for free.

Whole-System Solutons
What Can I Do?

About the 7 Core Needs Resource Guide

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