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A Global Solutions Summit

Starting May 22nd, the Summit will launch an ongoing global dialogue and coalition of activists and organizations which will consider ideas and take action on proposals to create a world that is more socially equitable and ecologically regenerative. 


Codes for a Healthy Earth: Governance for Whole-System Health

On May 26, 5-7pm CET, a diverse circle of women leaders shared their unique perspectives on Codes for a Healthy Earth as a unifying framework for rapid and radical whole-system healing and transformation.  

World UNITY Week

20 - 27 June

World UNITY Week is convened as a matter of urgency by an impressive and growing number of international civil society organisations. Designed to connect a wide range of significant interactive events occurring across an 8-day period in June, World UNITY Week offers “Open Space” sessions to host critical conversations that lead to practical actions. 

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