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Thank you for your interest in joining this first Global Equinox Ceremony.


The vision: Around the world we gather in circles of lLove to seed, to activate, a shared commitment to unifying in service of a thriving world for all of Life.

The Global Activation Circles embody the intention to restore the balance of the Masculine and Feminine Principles in sacred stewardship of all of Creation.

We will gather in private or public circles of love ~ in cities, villages, communities or in Nature. 

Women, girls and those who feel called to represent the Feminine, each holding a bowl of WATER will form an inner circle.

Men, boys and those who feel called to represent the Masculine, each holding a candle – FIRE – will form a protective and supportive circle around the Feminine.

The Ceremony will take place largely in silence, expressing the vibrational language of consciousness – the non-verbal language that unites us all.

Together we will activate a powerful field of consciousness and action for radical social and ecological healing – for whole systems healing.

Staying Connected and Self-Organizing in a Sacred Online Space

You are invited to sign up and join this World Water Community as a space to stay connected and organize for unified action.

This platform offers all the basic tools we need to self-organize – locally, regionally and globally.

Water ~ the True Medicine of Our Time

We recognize the power of Water to guide our personal and collective healing in restoring right relationship with all Life. In light of this understanding, the Ceremony will also be an activation and amplification of the Global Alliance for a World Water Law.

To learn about the World Water Law as the basis for transforming human culture and healing the biosphere, watch the video below.

The Proposal for a World Water Law


Vision from Shelley Ostroff (with slight edits)


Global Activation Circles

Renewing our Sacred Bonds with All LIfe

September 22, 2021

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