When we unite across nations and cultures to prioritize the restoration of the planetary Waters and Water-cycle, we will activate an exponential healing process that will swiftly and dramatically benefit all of humanity and all of Life.



In the face of the intensifying global threats to the health and survival of humanity and the Web of Life, humanity is confronted with the devastating consequences of our current social systems. As millions around the world awaken to the reality that the escalating global crises will not be resolved from within the same systems that created them, there is a pressing need for citizens to self-organize and strategize towards restoring the conditions for all of Life to thrive. 


World Water Year 2021, together with Codes for a Healthy Earth, offer such a strategy by calling and supporting citizens of all nations to join forces for the healing of our planetary Waters ~ the source, sustenance and medicine for all Life on Earth. 

Human abuse and threats to Water are among the leading causes of war, conflict, poverty, disease, species extinction and ecosystem collapse. By focusing our collective attention and resources on healing our relationship with Water, we inevitably deepen our understanding of our interconnectedness with all of Life. We learn how to protect and nourish Life, strengthen our individual and collective immune systems, and cultivate the conditions for the healing and replenishment of the planet and all its inhabitants. 


Healthy and abundant Water for all leads to healthy ecosystems, healthy food systems, healthy bodies, clear minds and healthy cultures. Ultimately, when we focus our collectively focus on re-establishing right relationship with Water, we will catalyze a self-organizing transformation of our social systems to align with the principles of healthy living systems and a thriving world for all.


Implementing the World Water Law

The primary objective of World Water Year 2021 is to accelerate the global adoption and implementation of a World Water Law. The proposal for a World Water Law invites all of humanity to unite around the radical healing of the planetary Waters and Water cycle. This foundational law works to ensure that all humans and animals have guaranteed access to natural, uncontaminated Water, and calls for a binding international agreement that holds all governments, corporations, communities, and individuals, fully accountable for their impact on all Waters everywhere. 


The proposal for the World Water Law is rooted in the original laws of Nature and is widely recognized as basic common sense. That said, it stands in stark contrast to the laws, mindsets and structures that currently govern our lives. The current global and country-based legal systems do not have efficient channels available for citizen-led laws to be proposed and adopted ~ no matter how good they may be for humanity and all of Life. In many ways the existing structures are built to block, discredit or simply ignore such initiatives. As we encounter the rigidity and limitations of our global systems, it is important to remember that these systems are human made and thus can be unmade. 


The proposals for a World Water Law and World Water Year 2021 are the first global initiatives of Codes for a Healthy Earth. The World Water Law introduces a radical and holistic approach to exponential social and ecological regeneration, referred to in "the Codes" as whole-system healing and transformation. When we apply whole-system healing wisdom to addressing the multitude of escalating global crises, we recognize that exponential Earth healing is not only possible — it can be far simpler than we may have imagined.



World Water Year 2021 ~ A Year of Radical Healing


World Water Year 2021 is a call-to-action for citizens of all nations, cultures and ages to unite for Life and to collectively transform how we organize ourselves as a species. By dedicating an entire year (and more) we create a fertile ground for individuals and groups to organize in diverse ways for the global adoption and implementation of the World Water Law.


This bold and timely initiative is based on the understanding that the essential wisdom, skills, and creativity for making the World Water Law a global reality, already exist within the human species. In almost every country there are numerous inspiring and impactful initiatives spanning all areas related to Water healing, restoration and management. As we coordinate globally and locally, we will actively share our findings, learnings and resources ~ identifying, replicating, amplifying and scaling what works best, as well as supporting aligned initiatives to connect and collaborate. 


At the same time the global community will also be supporting the conditions for the creativity and experience in the field to self-organize for exponential whole-system healing. While the overall organizing framework is decentralized, the shared purpose and vision, and an online collaboration platform (see below) will create a resonant and coherent field of intention and action. 


If we are to effectively transform our diseased global systems, we cannot do so country by country, leader by leader, or law by law. If we are to protect and heal our shared planetary home, it is vital that all nation states collectively and simultaneously adopt internationally binding agreements that align with the Laws of Nature, and that ensure the health and integrity of the entire Web of Life. 


World Water Year 2021 will be inaugurated on January 1st, 2021 at the start of the global healing event 7 Days of Rest & Radical Healing. In this way, the first week of the year will focus primarily on intention setting, learning about the wisdom and practices of diverse healing pathways, and building a resonant global community.


Tools and Strategies


To support effective collaboration and organization among the global community we will be using an online platform called Thriving.Earth. The secure platform offers a comprehensive ecosystem of tools for communities to self-organize locally and globally. 


The ways to support World Water Year 2021 are infinite. The global adoption and implementation of the World Water Law will require resilient and well-coordinated global collaboration. By dedicating an entire year to a single cause that essentially impacts all areas of society, World Water Year 2021 provides an open field of opportunity for building ongoing actions and with great impact. 


Together, we can identify and/or create the optimal pathways for making the World Water Law a global reality. Below are some initial areas of focus to help spark our imagination... 


  1. Gathering Relevant Information, Solutions, Data, Maps & Directories

  2. Co-Creating a Global Network 

  3. Organizing Locally, Regionally, Nationally & Globally

  4. Awareness Raising & Education

  5. Ecosystem Restoration

  6. Consciousness, Meditation & Ceremony

  7. Health & Healing

  8. Law & Policy

  9. Science & Technology


Making the World Water Law a Global Reality

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