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Codes for a Healthy Earth are a call to see the world with a systems approach. We tend to focus on very specific things, and I think it's that bigger picture that we need to see. We have to revert from an anthropocentric way of seeing the world where we think it's all about us, to an ecocentric way.

~ David Suzuki (PhD), co-founder of the David Suzuki Foundation, Author of The Sacred Balance & Tree: A Life Story



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Today, all conservation issues are global issues. If Brazil destroys its rain forests, the world has lost its lungs. If South Africa destroys its White Lions, the world has lost its heart. Codes for a Healthy Earth is a critically important invitation to join a growing movement that is already restoring a joyous and revitalizing relationship with ourselves and our planet.

~ Linda Tucker, Global White Lion Protection Trust, Author

Codes for a Healthy Earth are a call to see the world with a systems approach. We tend to focus on very specific things, and I think it's that bigger picture that we need to see. We have to revert from an anthropocentric way of seeing the world where we think it's all about us, to an ecocentric way.

~ David Suzuki, David Suzuki Foundation, Author

Codes for a Healthy Earth is a wonderful way to live in harmony with all living beings. I wholeheartedly bless this very important work. 

~ Satish Kumar, Schumacher College and Resurgence magazine, Author


As an evolution biologist and futurist and a co-founder of the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network everything Codes for a Healthy Earth stands for resonates deeply with me. They are just what we need.

~ Elisabet Sahtouris, Evolution biologist, futurist and author

I feel the Codes for a Healthy Earth are vital now. The Codes take us from the understanding of the unity in diversity, into experiencing and embodying it. They articulate the principles of how we not just remember the wholeness of who we really are, but how our being and doing emerges from that.

~ Jude Currivan, WholeWorld-View, Author

Earth’s ultimate choice-making species, humans are faced with a defining choice. We will perish in the dehumanizing pursuit of money; or prosper in the pursuit of life and the actualization of our human potential. Codes for a Healthy Earth is a timely and brilliantly articulated declaration of defining principles leading to a future of material sufficiency and spiritual abundance for all.

~ David Korten, Author

Codes for a Healthy Earth offer essential values that are needed for the shared future of humanity and the Earth. Working to heal the natural web of life, we are mindful of the social and ecological needs of the present moment while looking seven generations forward. And as the Codes powerfully state, only when we recognize the unity, the interconnected oneness, of the multihued wonder of the Earth’s diversity, can we begin the work of restoring life’s true balance and harmony.

~ Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Sufi Teacher and author

As we work together to support and amplify the good works of heart-centered individuals, groups and organizations everywhere—co-creating whole-systems health and expanding a whole worldview—we must ask ourselves, “What is the sacred blueprint to build a world that works for ALL Life? What is the unifying, whole-system framework at the core of our collective efforts?” My response? I whole-heartedly endorse Codes for a Healthy Earth as a brilliant roadmap that moves us into right relationship with Earth and all its inhabitants. I am forever grateful that the Codes not only encourage self-organizing and self-directed initiatives, but also organically nurtures our innate capacity to live for the good of the whole.

~ Julie Krull, GOOD of the WHOLE, Author

I am inspired by the life-affirming, visionary, and thoroughly articulated systems-based framework offered by Eco-Governance and Codes for a Healthy Earth, which offers a hopeful pathway toward a flourishing future.

~ Jeremy Lent, Liology Institute, Author

Codes for Healthy Earth gives us a foundation around which many, many different groups, organizations, nationalities, and even ideologies, can connect and adopt to build that cohesive cooperation we need so much at this time. We're very honoured and proud to be part of the Codes and look forward to them being propagated far and wide around the world.

~ Ben Bowler, founder of UNITY EARTH, co-initiator of World UNITY Week and Peace Week

Codes for a Healthy Earth are an expression of a value system that you would be very, very hard pushed to with. The Codes are something to live into. Something that you can study and read and feel for how it resonates the tuning fork of your own truth.

~ Clare Dubois, founder of TreeSisters

The thing that I appreciate so much about the Codes for Healthy Earth in this time, is that it brings in a pure, concise, whole system's approach to looking at all of the crises we face. These codes are simple distillations of essential wisdom that can be activated in a global way.

~ Andrew Harvey, The Institute for Sacred Activism, Author

I am deeply inspired by Codes for a Healthy Earth! It comes at a time when we humans have crucial choices to make both outwardly and inwardly. Codes have a great potential in assisting us humans, the caretakers of this world, to step up and step into our power!

~ MiraMichelle, Sacred Female Rising Institute, Author

Codes for a Healthy Earth have managed to set out very concisely and with great elegance what we must do - heal ourselves, our communities and our world. I am greatly impressed and look forward to engaging whole-heartedly in this work.
~ Andy Goldring, Permaculture Association

Codes for a Healthy Earth are a form of intelligence guided by our hearts. Therefore, it is easy and NATURAL for us to let them fully land within us, transforming thought, word and action. The Codes, and our alignment with them, are essential and vital for this next phase of our global evolution and development. Blessings and Thanks to the Great Mystery's guidance, and the ability to language these Codes for a Healthy Earth!

~ Robin Youngblood, Dance to Heal the Earth

If we are to make progress on global challenges we need global systems of governance and agreement on basic human values. Codes for a Health Earth is one important step toward articulating a shared set of superordinate values and practices that emphasise the health of the planet and its inhabitants.

~ Paul Atkins, The Prosocial Institute


Codes for a Healthy Earth helps us understand the 'how of what' as we live through an all-systems breakdown and realize an all-systems breakthrough.

~ Dot Maver, Global Silent Minute

Everything which these Codes for a Healthy Earth stands for is music to my soul! At this time of critical importance for the current generation of life on our beautiful planet, as well as all generations moving forward, only a paradigm of wholeness will be able to empower the restoration and blossoming into the abundance which is the birthright of the Earth and all Her inhabitants. I am deeply grateful for a rallying-point for All Life, here within the Codes for a Healthy Earth community. I especially endorse the emphasis on revering Indigenous People and their Wisdom and Ways, because in order to walk in harmony with the Earth, we must be able to be in communion with Her. The loss of that across the continents has led to incredible suffering; returning ourselves into honorable relation and balance amongst one another, with all of our kin, and in our responsibility to steward natural resources wisely is the key to our future. 

~ Jenna Darko, Pathways to Peace

These Codes are urgently needed to save all species on Earth, including plants, animals, water, humans, etc.- It is essential that all people of every tribe, nation, religion, and culture join in and agree to this!
~ Renee King-Sonnen, Rowdy Girl Sanctuary & Rancher Advocacy Program 

At this major turning point in our evolutionary journey, Codes for a Healthy Earth are a vital and essential initiative inspiring a soulful response for whole systems transformation. As we make the transition to healthy, thriving, life enhancing systems, we  need a comprehensive road map. I am deeply aligned with  Codes for a Healthy Earth  as we unite to co-create social and ecological restoration in service to the well being of all life.  

~ Katharine Roske, Hummingbird Transformative Learning Centre

Codes for a Healthy Earth are replacing old system models, with new ways of being, but also new values and agreement fields that sustain life for the seven generations. We are the Codes. We live the Codes. This is a time of great emergence. There's the breakdown and the breakthrough, to really cultivate the internal alchemy that it takes in order to sustain oneself and those values and principles and devotion, as one family, as one planet, as one evolving, beautiful jewel in the great cosmic life of our reality.

~ Makasha Roske, Earth Guardians

This is so expansive and inspiring and well articulated. Within it I feel a collective shift in the consciousness of humanity being called forth. Meaning, the language is a resonant invocation, not just a conceptual roadmap (which it is also). It speaks to the soul and the wound and the presence of the healing right before us. It is a call to action and take up the power of our higher humanity. A living vision. Really amazing. Inspired. Sacred."

~ Lori Richards

There is no better time than right now to realize a Healthy Earth. I am grateful to be associated with Codes for a Healthy Earth and all that this effort stands for. This is an initiative and community of people I wholeheartedly endorse, believe in and love. May we all find our calling as individuals and as parts in this greater whole.

~ Bret Warshawsky, Together Life System

Just as there are frequency 'laws' in the Unified Field there are resonant, evolutionary codes that inform us of the shift in our collective consciousness. The 21st century invites us to bring forth our inner wisdom in partnership with others of like-mind, and it is my opinion that this co-creation [Codes for a Healthy Earth] is our strongest ally in the liberation of humanity from any loveless control system.

~ Cassandra Lea Martin

Codes for a Healthy Earth are necessary for our current survival and continued evolution! They inspire a thriving future for ALL people and beloved animals/creatures on our planet. The ultimate value of humanity living in peace and harmony with ALL aspects of nature and with one another is paramount for a healthy, happy, sustainable LIFE for our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and the next 7 generations. May the Codes for a Healthy Earth be the joy of our purpose, and the purpose for our joy!

~ Linda Linker Rosenthal, Insight Out Visionary Healing Arts


Ignorance has been a challenge to transformation. Bureaucracy and people sticking on seats to be seen working following certain rules will never work for us to save the world. We need a radical way of transformation which I believe the Vision of Codes for a Healthy Earth will offer. I endorse this from deep down my heart.

~ Christine Owinyi, Education for Sustainable Development

The principles and values of Codes for a Healthy Earth offers us the path and tools to heal our damaged planet and disturbed soul, and to live in a world of abundance and complementary relationships with our fellows, other species, and with nature. The Codes offer us the exciting opportunity become the care taker species of our magnificent planet.

~ Melvin Taylor, Climate Healers

This space is too small to deliver the full potential impact of these inspired Codes for Mother Earth and all her life forces. Instead this can be said: Governance through the eyes of these Codes will see the beauty and promise of a well developed and pristine planet of love for all. Betterment means adhering to all of the Codes' principles with love as the promise and the premise.

~ Carol Manetta, Reap Goodness

This is an amazing project and am very grateful for all the love, wisdom, passion, focus and energy that has been put into the design and launch of this incredibly vital project. Once we are through this crisis, we will be amazed at the leap of consciousness we as a species and as a planet we will have taken. Will look back with love and sadness on the struggle to get where we are, and maybe how silly we were then. The birth of this new consciousness is not a sure thing, because we could fail if we do not apply all our love, energy, focus, passion and determination to help it emerge. This project increases our chances to get through the metamorphosis before we damage nature to such extend that it cannot regenerate fast. May it find the wind under its wings soon, in love and gratitude.

~ Rob de Laet

Your initiatives resonate in every aspect that has meaning for me. I look forward to diving in more as I continue my personal deep dive of connecting my soul's journey in some way shape or form in support of these codes. Thank you for doing the work so far and am so enthused and grateful you are here and that I found you via Humanity Rising. Don't ever give up. Together, we can all move that pendulum and perhaps even finally raise the bar in consciousness in every aspect and for many individuals.

~ Linda Parker

I love the Codes because they offer a whole-system approach, which I think is the only way to deal with our planetary crisis. The vision to create a network of information and activism around the world is very important and deeply inspiring. Thank you for your comprehensive work and your deep care for this planet and all its inhabitants. It's time for all of us to come together and join hands and forces to heal and be healed, for humanity and all of Life.

~ Yael Treidel, Simply Love

Codes for a Healthy Earth feels like a culmination of what so many light workers, Earth Stewards, and Conscious communities have discussed and dreamed of. It is literally bringing to life a shared vision for how we want our beautiful Mother Earth to be cared for and how we as her children can all come together with our unique and individual cosmic codes and patterns to help co-create a new tomorrow. One that is fully aligned and in concert with our deepest shared vision.

~ Liat Cohen, WaterNow

The Codes are a breath of fresh air for all humanity and the community of life on Earth.

~ Sue Blythe, We, the World

There is nothing more important for human evolution than the care and healing of our precious and beloved Mother Earth. There are many challenges that face our species, and all life that we are connected to, but humans are very clever, creative creatures. It is time for humanity to unite. It is time for the female gender to be educated and free of the patriarchal bonds that have kept her, our worlds greatest human resource, from expressing the wisdom and nurturance that we collectively need to flourish. As more girls and women are able to fully participate and take their place on the Earth stage, this feminine energy will help shift our governing systems to those that are focused on ideas and solutions we've yet to discover. This will be only one huge shift that has the potential of leading us towards greater levels of peace, abundance, health and the better future that awaits us all. The Codes for a Healthy Earth are the foundation for global transformation that we need so desperately. Humanity must awaken. The time is now.

~ Rose Trefz, Global Sisterhood

Thank you for what you have endured over many life times to be here now, doing what your heart calls you to do, for hearing the cries of the children, mother earth and all life, making a difference, renewing our faith in humanity, making our ancestors proud. May the light you carry continue to touch and ignite the light in all, softening our hearts, opening our minds, ears and eyes, bringing healing and connecting us as one.

~ Kathy Harris

The Codes for a Healthy Earth can inspire our imagination, creative expression and cultural narratives to cultivate an informed and compassionate world that works in support of all life.

~ Thea La Grou, Films for the Planet

I'm inspired by Codes for Healthy Earth's new approach in creating a healthy and peaceful earth that will ensure peaceful coexistence and wellbeing of all citizens of the earth.

~ Cherno Jallow, World Faith Gambia

As a dedicated servant of Gaia I dedicate each day to tuning in to the needs, and abundant gifts, of our dear planet and exploring what presents. It is my sincerest prayer that all come into 'right relationship' with her fragile systems and employ awareness in all that they do, extending gratitude and fully assimilating our dependence on her ebbs and flows. And simply listen. I endorse these Codes for a Healthy Earth.

~ Kat Robertson, Rolling Om Productions

We are at a critical time for all life on our beautiful planet. There is no more time for hesitancy, contemplation or debate. We need to put Earth first in every decision we take on a daily basis. Codes for a Healthy Earth show us a new way of being, a way of being that should always have been and can still be.. it's up to you and me.

~ Wynter Worsthorne, Animal Talk Africa

Such interrelated systemic codes offer a real and potential option for personal and collective action that may actually make a difference.

~ Judith King

“Codes for a healthy Earth are a gift. They have the capacity to reform the fabric of society by spreading the understanding of oneness between humanity and nature. For me this means, what action I must take to save the diverse beauty, alive on earth.”

~ Jeevan Kreß-Jones

May initial blocks such as there is 'no way this can occur, our population is too dense' etc be released as we open to the unlimited possibilities of the unknown. May the way to endorse and fulfil the Codes open up.
~ Merrilee Baker

The Codes reflect all my inner beliefs and values on how to create a new positive, sustainable and sufficient future for all.

~ Lynne Franks

Thank you for this wise, embodied, balanced and urgent call for systemic change starting with the individual and rippling through humanity.

~ Violet Lange

“I've been looking for some sort of overarching organization that can pull together people and organizations to raise a concerted effort to effect the social change needed to contend with the challenges arising from climate change and the socio-economic circumstances that have put mankind in this unparalleled predicament. I think Codes for a healthy Earth may be it!”

~ Ross Styles


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