The World Water Law calls for restoring — to the extent possible — the pristine nature of Earth’s Water body. The structure of pristine Water is designed by Nature to nourish, heal and support Life. Water is a deeply mysterious and nuanced information carrier. When the structure of water is disturbed through pollutants or noise, the original life-nourishing qualities are impacted. This in turn creates stress in the body, and undermines our individual and collective immune system. The World Water Law ensures that we shift  from the problematic notion of having to settle for what is considered “safe” drinking Water, yet contains and legitimizes human-made contaminants, to pure natural Water that maintains its life-nourishing intelligence.

Ultimately, the World Water Law simultaneously activates an ancient wisdom and an organizing principle throughout human culture that has the

power to realign our behavior with the principles of Life and healthy living systems. Like a significant upgrade in our collective operating system, the World Water Law encodes humanity with vitalizing information and a range of life-enhancing benefits.


Global Medicine for Rapid Whole-System Healing

A Codes for a Healthy Earth Initiative

The Coronavirus has united millions of citizens around the world in a shared understanding of our interconnectedness and interdependence — with each other and with our natural environment. As we reflect on our disconnection from Nature and the extent of the damage we are causing to our planetary life-support system, citizens around the world are — now more than ever — ready to rise and unite for Life. With the impending “global reset”, many are recognizing the unique opportunity to fundamentally transform our dysfunctional and outdated social systems and reinvent ourselves as a healthy species for a healthy planet. The pause in business-as-usual and the lessons learned in lock-down provides a fertile ground for the emergence of a radically new way of organizing ourselves as a species. 

With the evolving understanding of the interconnected nature of our global ecosystem, we are realizing that we cannot transform our fragmented systems country by country, law by law, or policy by policy. The pandemic has made us acutely aware that human-made boundaries and borders are meaningless to Nature. Thus, if we are to wisely protect and heal our shared planetary home, it is vital that all nation states collectively and simultaneously adopt internationally binding agreements that align with the Laws of Nature and that ensure the health and integrity of the entire Web of Life. 

The future looks bleak if we are to rely exclusively on the symptomatic and piecemeal solutions offered by the current political approach. However, when we shift our focus to a whole-system healing framework, we recognize that rapid and radical planetary healing is not only possible — it can also be far simpler than we may have imagined. 

The World Water Law is the first global initiative to support the worldwide adoption and implementation of  Codes for a Healthy Earth. "The Codes" offer a foundational whole-system framework to support citizens in working together across national, cultural and ideological boundaries for radical system transformation and rapid social and ecological regeneration. 

The World Water Law, rooted in interdisciplinary holistic healing wisdom, activates an effective whole-system healing intervention that begins with uniting around the healing of the planetary Waters and Water cycle.

One Law to Realize All the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Many of the SDGs are interlinked and one trait common to most of the SDGs is their dependence upon sustainable freshwater resources... An integrated and holistic approach with water at the heart of policies, planning and investments, provides the foundation for a transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies.

~ Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)

Prioritizing pure Water for all  leads to healthy food systems, healthy bodies, clear minds, healthy cultures and healthy ecosystems. When human beings re-establish right relationship with Water, all sectors of human affairs will be activated to realign and reorient around Life-enhancing principles. 

The infographic below offers some ideas for how one global root law to protect and ensure access to pure Water, not only advances most of the SDGs simultaneously and in record time, it also provides the necessary foundations for an entirely new and life-enriching way of organizing ourselves as a species. 

Holistic Benefits of the World Water Law


The World Water Law brings with it many gifts and opportunities for shifting human culture towards a deeper understanding and embodiment of:

Accountability for the Health of the Whole

A foundational principle for whole-system health and healing is the practice of mutual accountability and accountability to the health of the whole of which we are part. The World Water Law rekindles this essential, yet largely forgotten cultural practice by holding each and every individual, organization, business, sector and government fully accountable for their impact on Water. This in turn nourishes a deeper cultural awareness and responsibility for the consequences of our choices, actions and lifestyles.


Education and Learning for the Well-being of all Life

Learning about the Water Cycle and the role of Water in the Life-cycle is essential to being able to implement the law. This educational focus will contribute to situating “Learning for Life” at the center of the global learning curriculum and cultivate a culture that serves our collective knowledge and wisdom base for the healthy stewardship of Life.


Global and Transdisciplinary Peace and Cooperation

Given the interconnected nature of the planetary Waters, the World Water Law provides an obvious and essential foundation for cultivating, not only political, but also health-oriented and transdisciplinary cooperation among countries and regions.


Truth and Transparency

To implement the World Water Law it will be essential to set up a system for co-creating an open, real-time map of our impact on Water. The objective nature of measuring Water quality, the simple and accessible technologies for doing so, as well as a global user-generated mapping system enables all forms of Water contamination and obstruction to Water flow to be identified and tracked to their source. This can then be replicated for other elements such as air, soil, etc.


Holistic Health and Whole-System Healing Wisdom

A holistic approach to healing focuses on treating the whole being by identifying and addressing the root cause of a disease, and working to ensure that all parts are functioning in harmony with each other and with the interconnected whole. Whole-system healing essentially applies the wisdom of holistic healing to the entire biosphere and human society as one interconnected living organism. It activates a coordinated global response that engages all nations, all systems, all sectors and all challenges systemically and simultaneously. The collective focus on Water for Life embeds into our culture a new and shared awareness of the relationships between the Foundations of Life, our health and our actions. It anchors holistic healing wisdom in the heart of our legal, economic and political systems.

Autonomy, Resilience & Interdependence

The corona lock-down and economic disruption have provided a powerful lesson in the importance of local resilience — especially in terms of food and Water security. The World Water Law lays the most essential foundation for realizing healthy and resilient local communities that effectively manage their own food and water sovereignty.



The World Water Law works to reintroduce integrity into our fragmented and compromised cultures — integrity both in the sense of wholeness as well as in the alignment of our words and intentions with our actions. Cultivating a culture of mutual accountability also supports our personal and collective integrity. By recognizing our planetary Waters as one body, we work to ensure its integrity — both in terms of restoring their natural flow as well as the pristine structure and integrity of Water itself.



In a world that actively and subversively promotes compliance, conformity and uniformity, creative out-of-the-box thinking opens the door to new ideas that can bridge our current dysfunctional systems with the healthy and evolving systems of the future.


Loving and Responsible Stewardship of Life

By re-learning how to care for and honor Water, we open the pathway for healing our relationships with all aspects of Creation. We also learn to "leave no one behind" as access to pure Water is recognized as a birthright of every human, animal and ecosystem. As we take up our roles as stewards for the healthy evolution of all Life we imbue our culture and our social systems with a deep sense and understanding of sacred service to the good of the whole.

Why Water? 


Access to pure Water is the foundation for individual, collective and planetary health. It will strengthen our individual and collective immune system and enhance the Life force exponentially. When we invest in purifying the planetary Waters and restoring the planetary Water cycle, all of Life benefits.

Just as the "Global Pause" is showing us many ways how Nature can heal and restore herself with remarkable speed and efficiency, banning all contamination of Water could have extraordinary effects - not only on the natural world, but also on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Seeding our collective consciousness with this simple, universal and Life-based compass is like a homeopathic drop of long-forgotten common sense. As we re-learn and practice right relationship with Water, we cultivate fertile grounds for our evolution towards a human culture and civilization that protects and honors each other and all of Life. Given the vital role of Water in so many of Life’s functions, we can clearly recognize how a coordinated investment in Pure Water for All of Life is a powerful medicine for this time. 

The Purpose of Governance


Casualties to human and environmental health are inevitable when laws are defined by governments and corporations that are disconnected from the laws of Nature and the wisdom of healthy living systems. 

Codes for a Healthy Earth suggest that the only legitimate purpose of governance and all sectors is to protect and cultivate the health and vitality of the planet and all its inhabitants for generations to come. Given that Water is the foundation of our personal and collective health, the Codes propose that a primary function of governance is to ensure that all humans and all animals have guaranteed access to pure Water — as Nature intended. 

The World Water Law works to implement this proposal. It offers a creative, unifying pathway towards taking up our individual and collective roles as stewards for the healthy evolution of all Life. As a foundational universal law that aligns with Nature and the good of the whole, the World Water Law transcends country and corporate-based interests and control systems. As such, it paves the way for coherent set of global Root Laws that protect the Foundations of Life — Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Climate, Biodiversity, and the Web of Life (as outlined in Codes for a Healthy Earth).

A global grassroots alliance working towards the global adoption of this foundational law shifts power and authority from governments and corporations to citizens and groups who are most knowledgeable and invested in the health and wellness of the entire Web of Life.

The possibility of uniting around the World Water Law as a critical step towards radical whole-system healing will generate vital global conversations, not only about Water and health, but also about the redesign of our social systems. If adopted and skilfully implemented simultaneously around the world, the World Water Law has the power to catalyze rapid whole-system healing and transformation in all aspects of society. 

This one uncompromising, common sense root law can essentially replace volumes of bureaucratic rules and regulations that often conceal and exacerbate the compromise and corruption of our legal and justice systems.

Prioritizing Water prioritizes all of Life. Life begins with Water and depends on Water to survive and thrive. Ecosystems and human communities evolve around Water. As humanity rebirths itself at this critical juncture in our evolution, it is wise and ‘natural’ (Nature’s way) to prioritize caring for our planetary Waters. 

Next Practical Steps: Bringing the World Water Law to Life


The system as we know it has already been disrupted. Much that was considered impossible is now becoming possible. Given the critical nature of Water for Life, the question is not if this is possible or not, but how we can do this in the wisest, most efficient and most compassionate way possible. Clearly humanity is now compelled to transition from outdated and rigid systems based on privilege, domination and exploitation that fragment Life, to new systems that serve rapid social and ecological regeneration — starting with the Foundations of Life and the most vulnerable groups, species and ecosystems.

When we bring our collective wisdom and resources together we can and must use this unprecedented redesign opportunity to implement the foundations for new and healthy ways of organizing ourselves as a species. 

The primary steps for building a robust and diverse support network for the World Water Law will be through:

  1. A Global Petition: To reach all cultures and remote communities the petition will be translated into many languages and disseminated through existing grassroots networks. With sufficient reach and numbers the petition could be regarded as a first step towards a global referendum that can also work for other root laws.

  2. Building a Global Alliance: Given that Water spans and integrates many sectors, disciplines and causes, the World Water Law offers a powerful invitation for building a broad-spectrum global alliance dedicated to whole-system health and healing. 

  3. Supportive Initiatives: A range of supportive initiatives that will be initiated, designed and coordinated by Water Guardians from around the world.

  4. World Water Year 2021: Making 2021 a year for global cooperation around the implementation of the World Water Law. 





In preparation for the global launch of the World Water Law petition we are reaching out to influencers, groups and networks from diverse sectors to invite them to "pre-sign" the petition before it goes global. By pre-signing all individuals and groups will be added to the website as 'Founding Supporter'. On the sign up form you will be able to choose whether you wish to join as a co-creative partner or as a supporting partner. Co-creative partners are individuals or groups who are integrating the World Water Law into their programs and/or developing initiatives with other co-creative partners to support the widespread adoption and implementation of the Law.  



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