The escalating social, health and environmental crises are a stark wake-up call for all humanity to act on our shared needs and priorities: 

  • our personal health 

  • healthy, supportive and resilient local communities

  • local access to our basic necessities 

  • a healthy world for ourselves, our children, and for all of Life

The global and rapid response to the pandemic has shown the world that it is possible for governments to coordinate around a shared crisis, and for citizens to change their behavior, in a very short space of time. Our next step, as interconnected and interdependent citizens of Earth, is to ensure that this global response is not limited to containing and treating symptoms. With the far-reaching impact of the virus, humanity is faced with an unprecedented opportunity for a “global reset” —  to put in place new, foundational laws and systems that proactively cultivate the health and vitality of the planet and all its inhabitants for generations to come. The most efficient and holistic strategy for restoring both human and environmental health is to first focus on Water — the foundation of health, and the source and sustenance of all Life on Earth. 


World Water Law


We, citizens of Earth, call for and commit to working together to ensure that a binding international law is put in place for the immediate and universal protection of all Water, as the first vital step towards global cooperation for effective, worldwide social and ecological healing.


The World Water Law requires:


  • the uncompromising protection and restoration of all natural water sources, watersheds, aquifers, rivers, lakes, wetlands, estuaries and oceans

  • the rewilding of ecosystems, necessary for the restoration of the planetary water-cycle 

  • the guaranteed, free access of all humans and animals to natural, uncontaminated Water


The World Water Law holds all governments, corporations, communities, and individuals, fully accountable for their impact on all waters everywhere. This one Law serves as a unifying foundation for all governments and citizens to work together with community-led wisdom and stewardship councils in ways that effectively serve the health and vitality of the whole.


This global initiative honors the many Water Guardians around the world who have dedicated their lives to the protection and reverence of Water on behalf of all of Life.

The Proposal for a World Water Law is the first global initiative towards the implementation of Codes for a Healthy Earth.


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