To help build a diverse and resilient Global Alliance for a World Water Law we are inviting respected leaders from diverse sectors to form "sector-based Alliances" eg. Educators for a World Water Law, Lawyers, Farmers etc. 

The first alliance to form around the World Water Law is a Global Circle of Indigenous Wisdom Keepers. Indigenous Wisdom teachings from around the world all converge on a deep reverence for Nature and most acknowledge the unique role and intelligence of Water as a Living Being.


The Global Circle of Indigenous Wisdom Keepers will help to hold a field of integrity around the World Water Law as it ripples out into the world  people and communities 

  1. Each sector will issue a Declaration outlining how their field can benefit from and contribute to the World Water Law as a whole-system healing pathway for rapid social and ecological regeneration.

  2. All sectors will issue a combined Declaration of Support for the World Water Law.

  3. To highlight how Water impacts every sector of human affairs and wellbeing, and to show how Water and the World Water Law carry the innate capacity to unite all sectors for a common vision and purpose.

  4. To support each sector to continue to grow, diversify and develop initiatives that interweave and support other sectors.

We are deeply grateful to all Water stewards from around the world who have stepped forward to support the proposals for the World Water Law and World Water Year 2021. Each of these Ambassadors brings a wealth of experience and deep devotion to the healing of our planetary Waters.


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