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This is so expansive and inspiring and well articulated. Within it I feel a collective shift in the consciousness of humanity being called forth. Meaning, the language is a resonant invocation, not just a conceptual roadmap ( which it is also  ).It speaks to the soul and the wound and the presence of the healing right before us. It is a call to action and take up the power of our higher humanity. A living vision. Really amazing. Inspired. Sacred."


- Lori Richards


Codes for a Healthy Earth is offered as a foundational, whole-system healing framework that is open to ongoing evolution and refinement. The vision for "the Codes” was inspired by the work of the Global White Lion Protection Trust. The document was initially drafted by Shelley Ostroff and Yan Golding from Together in Creation, and has evolved through a collaborative and consultative process with a growing global network of partners from over 30 countries on all continents. The framework can be freely adopted – in its integrity – by any group or movement as a collective compass for coordinated citizen-led action towards the healing and regeneration of the planet and all its inhabitants.  

Codes for a Healthy Earth is inspired by and builds on numerous pioneering declarations, charters, manifestos and guiding principles including The Earth Charter, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Nature, The Universal Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and others (see partial list below). Together, these documents offer a wealth of wisdom, global goals, principles, policies and solutions that could – if implemented – ensure the health and vitality of the planet and all its inhabitants for generations to come. 


Codes for a Healthy Earth launches globally on International Peace Day, September 21st, 2019. The “Codes” are founded on the premise that as long as there is oppression anywhere within the Community of Life – true peace cannot exist. To achieve genuine and lasting World Peace, it is essential that we cultivate Peace with All of Life.

To support the implementation of Codes for a Healthy Earth, this website will soon offer a link to an evolving online platform dedicated to effective citizen self-organization, called Citizens for a Healthy Earth