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An Invitation for Co-Creation

The urgent and complex global challenges we face will not be resolved from within the same systems that created them. Today ... hundreds of millions of people and millions of groups are working on countless regenerative and compassionate solutions. Throughout this vast and diverse global movement there is a growing recognition that we already have the knowledge, skills, ideas, technologies and resources ... to effectively address all our escalating crises. Our primary challenge is to align and organize effectively for whole-system healing and transformation.

— From Codes for a Healthy Earth

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Uniting for Another Way

A peaceful and thriving world is one that is fundamentally free from all forms of oppression and domination. It is a world where humanity lives in right relationship with each other, other species and the entire natural world. It is a world in which all humans and animals have their core needs met without privilege or prejudice, so each can manifest their unique potential—in mutual enrichment with their communities and ecosystems. 

For decades, billions of people have been struggling to meet their basic needs on a daily basis and that number only continues to grow. Today, even in more privileged parts of the world, people are noticably affected by the rising cost of living as well as shortages in terms of housing, food, water, energy and fuel. As populations awaken to the unsustainability and vulnerability of our globalized supply chains, our current political agendas seem to be focussing on ever more symptomatic, reductionist and technocratic "solutions" that further entrench us in centralized systems of power, money and top-down control. 

What if there is another way?

What if we—who recognize the imperative of transforming all our social systems to realign with the principles of Nature and the good of the whole—could organize and work together to fundamentally shift the dominant global narrative of polarization, pseudo-solutions and competition to one of unity, true solutions and mutual care for all Life?

What can we achieve when we unite and organize—locally, regionally and globally—to focus our collective attention and energy on a singular shared purpose and task that returns the power to the people and exponentially benefits all of humanity and the entire biosphere?

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#7CoreNeeds: A Global Initiative for Unity, Education and Whole-Systems Healing

There will come a day when people of all races, colors, and creeds will put aside their differences.
They will come together in love, joining hands in unification, to heal the Earth and all her children.

— From The Navajo-Hopi Prophecy of the Whirling Rainbow

#7CoreNeeds is a global initiative and invitation to co-create a whole-system healing intervention that works simultaneously on four primary areas:

1. Collectively Prioritizing the Core Needs of All Are Met

#7CoreNeeds is intended to activate a local-to-global movement supporting people and community-led self-organization to ensure that all humans and animals have their core needs met, through guaranteed access to:

  • Living Soil

  • Healthy Water

  • Vitalizing Food

  • Fresh Clean Air

  • Physical and Emotional Safety

  • Comfortable Shelter

  • The conditions needed for all to manifest their unique potential – in mutual enrichment with their communities and ecosystems

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2. Gathering and Showcasing the Solutions and Living Examples

As we build the #7CoreNeeds initiative together, we will be exploring how to best gather, map, catalogue and showcase existing solutions, solutions libraries and all the information and resources that are most relevant to #7CoreNeeds moving forward. 

Initial topic areas for mapping will include:

  • Projects and initiatives that effectively address each and/or all of the core needs

  • Groups, communities and networks that focus on localization and bioregionalism 

  • Solutions and best practices—covering the personal, local, regional and global for diverse conditions, climates and cultures

  • Alternative systems for governance, business, education, agriculture, health, etc that enable the thriving of the whole

  • Relevant policies and local government actions that are already being implemented

  • Documentaries, videos, books and articles

  • Courses, programs, mentors and trainers

  • Training centres and local community hubs 

3. Uniting All Groups Aligned with the Good of the Whole

At this time of immense challenge and opportunity, there is a growing recognition among those working for a better world, of the need to unite and organize around a shared purpose and pathway that directly benefits all of humanity and all of Life.

#7CoreNeeds offers a compelling and inclusive local-to-global strategy that speaks to all people of goodwill, regardless of nationality, culture, age, gender or ideology. By offering a shared point of focus that is both universal and common sense, #7CoreNeeds invites and supports all aligned groups to move beyond our silos and collaborate effectively in ways that amplify all aligned projects simultaneously.

Ultimately, the path of supporting a global alignment will be led by those who are already holding and working for the vision of a thriving world for all—and who are ready to rise above our superficial differences for the good of the whole.​​​​​​​ Here and now, #7CoreNeeds is a clarion call to action for all of us to rise as One Humanity, and to share this opportunity with our families, friends, colleagues and communities across all nations.

4. Co-creating a Unfied Voice of Hope and Wise Transformation to Shift the Global Narrative 

Currently most of humanity rarely hear any positive news that inspires hope and engagement for a positive future. The main reason for this is that the dominant narrative is controlled by a centralized agenda that aims to keep people divided and feeling fearful, hopeless and helpless.

The untold story is that there are countless extraordinary projects and effecitvely solutions that are already showing how we can co-create a thriving world for all. Most examples are still small scale, but many can be scaled to national levels with the right kind of exposure and support. 

Thus, one of the primary intentions of #7CoreNeeds is to help galvanize a unified global positive news campaign that showcases the vast wealth of solutions and initiatives that we will be gathering (as outlined in #2). The vision is to flood our aligned media channels with a coherent and compelling message of a unified pathway forward. Together, we can inspire the world with the many existing solutions we have to ensure the core needs of all humans and animals are met in ways that protect and restore our natural environment. 

Imagine if this growing global movement can broadcast a unified message that is so inspiring it instantly rises above the noise of the corporate media and spreads like a welcome wind of change across the planet.

Imagine if every household were discussing and learning about this "new" phenomenon of hope, wisdom and action, as we collectively prioritize taking care of our entire human family in ways that ensure the flourishing of all Life.

Ways to Co-Create: Organizing as One for the Benefit of All

To get involved with #7CoreNeeds you can either join as an individual or as a group.  

Currently there are three different platforms that individuals and groups can join, where circles are forming around co-creating #7CoreNeeds. The vision is to encourage a growing number of self-organizing and distributed platforms (eg. slack, discord, telegram, hylo, etc.) that are interlinked through a fractal organizing pattern to a central database that gathers and showcases supporting groups, relevant resources and important updates for the movement. 

The current three platforms are on Mighty Networks at include:

Deep Transformation Network

Eco-Governance Community

Peace Through Unity

Main tools that these circles will be focussing on are:

1. Toolkit for self-organizing platforms

2. Media kits for promoting #7CoreNeeds #UniteInspireOrganize #ThrivingWorldForAll #GlobalAlignment #InspireTheWorld

3. Action-Learning Kit with resources for individuals and communities to self-educate and self-organize for local resilience and thriving.

Action-Learning is connect to media

Individual Participation

  1. Share this initiative with your friends, family and co-workers

  2. Share and discuss information provided in the Action-Learning Kit - Keep conversations inspiring, constructive and action-oriented.

  3. Join or start a platform for connecting, learning and organizing 

  4. Explore and apply what inspired Action-Learning Kit 


Groups are invited to join at different levels of engagement: Supporter, Collaborator, Co-Creator

1. Supporting groups are invited to: 

  1. add their names, logo and website to the unified database

  2. Share updates with their networks (newsletters, video channel...

2. Collaborator

3. CoCreator

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Eco-Governance affirms that the only legitimate purpose of governance is to protect and cultivate the health and vitality of the planet and all its inhabitants for generations to come.

When we unite and organize to ensure the core needs of all humans and animals are met:

  • we channel our collective intelligence, creativity and resources towards that which is essential and nourishing to all Life. 

  • we build a diverse global community that transcends cultural and ideological differences.

  • we galvanize worldwide solidarity and cooperation around co-creating the conditions for rapid social and ecological healing and regeneration.

  • we become more conscious of our inherent interconnectedness and interdependence with each other and with all of Life. 

  • we shift from mindsets, cultures and lifestyles of privilege, domination and oppression to cultivating a lived sense of belonging, mutual care and accountability that takes into account the good of the whole in all our decisions and actions.